Advanced Hospital Management

YOHO a leading company deals in software development and best Hospital Management system in chennai offering creative and technology solutions for hybrid domains all over the globe. We have a proven track record in delivering end-to-end custom applications with the objective of true customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team promotes the use of various methodologies and tools with consulting and technical competence that is necessary to develop the best hospital Management software in chennai.The main goals for the hospital management software are to engage the patients in the practice of it effectively and efficiently. As per research, it is shown that management of cost-effectiveness for maintenance of the growth and satisfaction of patient which is the biggest challenges faced by the small or large hospitals. We have gathered high-level requirements for the client and their satisfaction. We feel immense pleasure for working as the best hospital management software company in chennai with more than 100+ satisfied clients.

YOHO Hospital Management Software is an innovative & easy to use hospital management software that covers all important keys functions of Hospital Operations & Management based on IRDA standards that make our product IRDA compliant software in chennai. It takes care of all kinds of OPD & IPD management activities with primary concern to keep patients' EMR & financial records. Brain Tag India which provides ERP hospital management software in chennai has brought this hospital software which will transform your hospital and medical practice get to operate. This ERP software provides the simplification of the workflow where the lifecycle of the patient at the hospital generates the claims and decreases no shows.And this rapid and quick growth in the number of patients without any scales by the supporting systems involves the gaps which produce the poor service and inefficient operations.

Hospital Information System (HIS) or Hospital Management information System (HMIS) or Hospital Management System Software is Synonyms of hospital e-Governance initiatives, which means making hospital Management paperless. This includes the clinical, back office and generic management of all activities. It integrates the entire resources of a hospital into one integrated Software application.To maintain the power control and management over the administration tasks such as scheduling the appointment, drugs, and inventory and its accounting with HRM (Human Resource Management) is now just one click away. It assures that the goals of the medical practice on their focus of offering the quality treatment, billings and their materials required in the structured format.