Pharmacy Billing Software

YOHO very proudly presenting Medical store billing software or Pharmacy billing software in chennai the modern technology. Medical store billing software in chennai is specially developed for Medical, Pharma and Drug Shops. It covers all aspects involved in running a day to day medical retail business, covering point of sales, inventory management and accounting online billing, up to finalization stage.Pharmacy billing Software in chennai helps Pharmacists to access different records like: Billing Information, Reports, Stock Details, Order Management, and many more. Marg Software had come up with the solutions which are prior beneficial for the Pharmacists. Marg Software with the motto of “No more worries in handling pharmacies; No more troubles in keeping the records of medicine ;No more headache in maintaining stocks, bills “ developed Marg Pharmacy Software for the Pharmacists for the easy and conveniently handling their Pharmacy shops as it makes billing quite faster and easier. In Marg Pharmacy Software there are features for automatic updates on Negative Stocks, Prescription Pending, Expiry Stock alerts, Reminder regarding appointments.

YOHO will be always thankful to the Pharmacy and Medical Stores who sincerely stood behind, by providing their experience and advice, for the development of this software. This medical store billing software in chennai is a specially designed Inventory and Accounting purpose of software for pharmacy billing, Medical store billing software in chenani. GST ready Medical Store billing software in chennai is a online based solution which helps you transform your business by reducing cost, increasing scalability, providing flexibility in dealing with licensing, software upgrades and deployment.YOHO Scientifically designed inventory monitoring modules make billing, stock tracking and ordering much easier and accurate than ever before, online account helps to reduce clerical errors and helps to make the account accurate and prompt.

YOHO is best pharmacy retail billing software or medical store retail billing software in chennai is software solution for customer-wise product mapping, purchase rate discrepancy summary, supplier & manufacturer-wise expiry reports help manage your pharmacy & Medical store business. Set re-order alerts, get info on generic names & substitute for products, clear visibility on non-moving stocks. GST Medical store billing software or Pharmacy POS billing software in chennai is able to generate info like inventory, stocks, sales reports and more in a minute. Pharmacy is one of the important areas in healthcare sectors where the buying and selling process of the medicines takes place. It is important for the pharmacists to take note of the medicine This is one of the Simplest, Easiest and Reliable Billing, Stock management and Accounting Software. It comes with a Simple and Easy to use interface and also includes many features like easy masters and item creations, Item Grouping for quick item selection, user friendly edit window, dual menu, Multiple Companies. Multiple Window Processing. Windows GUI, Barcode processing enabled, Quick Search for all vouchers with conditions using biz search feature, Shortcut keys for easy process, Built in quick reference & help..