Loan Management

YOHO has developed Loan Management Software in chennai to manage loans of various types. It aims towards improving quality, agility, transparency and efficiency of various lending solutions. Automation process of these lending solutions enhances accuracy and speed of business. It enhances the customer experience of Financial Institutions, also automation cuts the cost of manual labour.Loan Management Software is something which helps the bank in managing the entire process covered in lending and returning of that loan. To manage from scratch about loans, loan management software is useful which manages the entire loan lifecycle from origin till processing the loan and collecting them. The loan management software company in chennai should do loan refinancing and restructuring if needed.Loan Management system in chennai allows you to originate new loans, disburse funds, process payments received, and manage the closing of loans, along with other types of transactions. The system prints amortization schedules, checks, invoices, statements and a full suite of standard reports.

YOHO is a web and application based loan management software for NBFC with many components such Recurring Deposits, Fixed Deposit, Loan to Customers, Dividend declarations, Monthly Income Schemes, Daily Deposit Schemes, etc. Cyrus manages the Members’ details, all FD A/C, RD A/C, Management of Pass book and Bond, all kinds of Loan operations, Automatic Interest Calculations, Printing Loan Ledger. The term of the loan can be fixed or on-demand. Rates can be fixed, variable or pegged to another rate, and interest can be simple or compounded. Different payment schedules can be handled, including interest-only loans, principal pay down, balloon payments, and various combinations thereof. Payments can be based upon a project .We are offering web design & development solutions for companies or individuals concerned with outsourcing their web design and application development requirements. We are expert in creating stunning website designs that appreciably enhance the sales and earnings for big and medium-sized businesses. We have a professional team of web design& development experts with experience of making websites to help develop our client's business through valuable design and online marketing.