Transport Management

YOHO is the leading transport management software system in chennai. The transport management Software in chennai is a professional companion that helps freight companies consistently and cost-effectively in overcoming challenges associated with the manual freight system. The entire supply chain and the freight handling system benefits from the automated computerized system that makes processes fast and impeccable. YOHO is an Enterprise wide resolution for Transport Industry. The application is used to computerize the total operations and maintain data truthfulness for all carriers activity being carried out, right from the first call received on phone to the final summary of outstanding at the month end. It is a true Multi-level and multi tier application. Well-equipped with hands-on features that only support your transportation and logistics better and optimally. Here is why the transport management software system company in chennai is the best and should be an integral part of your supply chain . There are no limits as recruitment process, manage requisition, coordinate with placement agencies, track recruitment expenses, and generate various types of report in real time. It is an easy to use but powerful system.

Our Online Logistics Management Software in chennai which is very economical, user friendly & cost effective & is very scalable & will enable you to grow along with the technology. Our Transport management system is the Best Logistics Software in chennai that is available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) for Logistics & Transport industry. Today’s Transport Management Systems in chennai are available on different software platforms, from offline to online and on Desktop to web. From efficient tracking of shipments in real-time to helping reduce transportation costs, the transport management software is the right solution that helps your customers and your officials to access and monitor freight-related information live. The growth pattern of any company requires quality software solution that enable company to grow, such solutions can not be installed on a PC or online with single company usage. Such solutions are developed with high skills and robust architecture to accommodate industry requirements. Such software are operated by many users in different companies from a single instance of software

Transportation Management System